Quick terms of production, delivery and installation, proven quality, extremely affordable prices.

• Handicraft works in construction •
• Sales and installation of all types of glass •
• Machining of glass, hole drilling, transportation and installation •
• Development of more than 50 types of picture frames •
• Production of PVC •
• Aluminium doors •
• Blinds (aluminum and plastic) •
• Aluminium shutters •
• Profiles, roller blinds •
• Installation of gypsum board •
• Installation of all types of garage, sectional and rolling doors without engine
  and with the engine at remote control •
• Installation of all types of industrial doors •
• Installation of strip curtains and blinds •
• Sales and installation of laminate •
• Wash the glass facade on the outside and inside of the •
• Replacement of broken and repair fogged windows on buses •
• Cleaning and painting metal roofs •
• All welding services •
• Painting and coloring •
• Hydro insulation •
• Firefighting •
Special Offers:
single and insulated glass
PVC and aluminium carpentry
roll-up and sectional garage doors
aluminium fence
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